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Who lived here, what did they do?

January 6, 2013

This is a short post on a news article that I read today; as soon as I read it I felt I had to write about it!

You can’t go too far in London without seeing an English Heritage blue plaque commemorating someone who has lived in the exact building you are standing outside. I love it when I come across one and think to myself, 100 years ago so and so was here, literally here, almost where I stand. Yet, this morning when I got up and had a look through the BBC website, I found an article on the English Heritage stopping their blue plaques because of their cuts in funding from the government.

This to me seems such a shame for tourists and locals, history buffs and people just interested in who lived where. The blue plaque has become a little bit of our culture, something we can pass by and still learn from.

Unfortunately, funding cuts are happening across the UK at the moment, and the arts are taking a big hit. This means less funding for museums of history and art, which means our British culture and our rich history is going to suffer. I think it is so important to not only teach young people, so they know where they came from, but also for visitors to the UK, so they can know what went on in the country they are visiting

Hopefully in the future, when financial times are better, the blue plaques will start again, so we can know who lived where and what they did at what point in time.

For more on the article –

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