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Miranda on Ugly Girls

January 13, 2013

Hopefully any British people reading this will have heard of Miranda Hart, the comedienne, for those of you who don’t know her, I should probably give a bit of an explanation here. Miranda Hart is a private school educated woman, in her late 30’s and gets herself into all sorts of situations, which I am reading about now in her sort of autobiography, Is it Just Me?. She has her own sitcom, which I think is loosely based around her own experiences in life called Miranda and in my opinion, is great. I love how she is very openly honest about her experiences, especially her embarrassing ones, because it is nice to know that it is not just me who does silly things in public every now and again.

One thing Miranda picks up on in her book is beauty, and this is what I want to talk about. She writes, ‘It is far, far better never to have been beautiful’. She does go on to explain this. She knows that beauty is subjective, however, when a girl is beautiful, according to Miranda, she doesn’t need to rely on other personal resources to get by, she just gets by ok. However, when someone is ugly, they spend their formative years alone, again, according to Miranda, and during this time can be constructive and discover skills that will help them get by in life, possibly better than the beautiful girls.

I think Miranda is brilliant; she doesn’t put the beautiful girls down but gives hope to those who think they are ugly. I emphasise think, most teenage girls go through a phase of thinking they are ugly when in fact they aren’t! In our culture of today, there does seem to be a divide when it comes down to beauty, the women who are considered beautiful and those who aren’t. But, Miranda gives girls and indeed women, who have been told they aren’t beautiful, or who think they aren’t beautiful some good tips, that they will be ok, they will get by ok, they will just have to use other resources.

I am in the middle of reading Miranda, and I will reiterate her honesty, she openly admits the silly and embarrassing things she does, and it does help us women, who do similar things. I certainly believe her book will give a glint of hope for those with a low self esteem that things do turn out alight in the end. Look at her now, a famous comedienne with her own book and sitcom.

Once I have finished the book, I will give a longer and fuller review for those who are interested.

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