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The National Aquarium Baltimore and Harbour Area

March 3, 2013

Last weekend we went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, there is also one in Washington DC, but we were advised that Baltimore was the better one. It looked like it would be a sunny but cold day, but the aquarium itself was actually very warm inside, there are lockers to put coats in though.

There is no actual aquarium car park, but there is a car park just across the road, which everyone seems to use. The entry fee is also quite high, but, aquariums need a lot of maintenance, and they do put on a good show. Once you are in, there are many places you can go to first. We chose to see the bottlenose dolphins; I love dolphins so this was a treat for me. The dolphins were great, there wasn’t a show for a while, so we were stood almost right by the tank while they swam past and popped up to say hello. This was a great photo opportunity and then it got better when you head downstairs and the dolphins swim right up to the glass underwater. The only thing I was a bit upset about, and I get like this at any zoo or aquarium, was that they didn’t seem to have much space to swim, not like in the wild. Then there are the sharks, on more than one level you can wander round and see them swimming around, they are surprisingly big and scary up close!

After sitting with the dolphins, we headed over to the next part of the aquarium and walked around while looking at various fish and crabs from Maryland, it is always nice to see some local wildlife. This led to the Atlantic and the Pacific, where we got to see some puffins, which are great, and some coral reefs, which are incredibly pretty up close. There is also an octopus, which appeared to be very popular and it was difficult to get a look!

But, after you have seen all this, there is still more, and we went over to the Australian area, in which there are birds flying around freely above you and some other fish, animals and birds. And then, you can head to the rain forest, where there are monkeys, roaming around freely! That was amazing, and there were also birds flying free to finish it off alongside the trees, making us feel as if we were actually in a rain forest.

After all this excitement, we headed out to the harbour, and wandered around for a bit. There was a submarine there while we were there and also a tall ship, it was a nice walk round in the sun, and there were a lot of places to eat and shops to shop in. We finished our day in the massive Barnes and Noble at the harbour, which is an impressive building with a Starbucks inside. We had a nice cookie and a drink sitting outside overlooking the harbour, it was sunny and cold, but nice.

All in all it was a good day. The aquarium was lovely, and worth travelling there for, so I would thoroughly recommend it.


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