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Five Medieval Blogs

March 13, 2013

Now, I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad idea. But, I want to alert your attention to five medieval blogs, other than mine, that I have checked out and think look good.


This blog, written by Rachel Russell, who writes on her blog that she is an author of fantasy literature, has a section of her blog called ‘Medieval Monday’. This section does what it says on the tin, and is a good way to top up on your medieval knowledge!


This next blog is written by, as he calls himself, a European Male! His blog is not limited to the medieval period, but has some medieval posts among its historical writings. This blog is great for some good opinions on religion and history. Well worth a read.


Blog number three is a by an author, E. C. Ambrose, of a dark historical fantasy series of books with a new book coming out soon called Dark Apostle. His blog has posts other than medieval history, but does have some good medieval topics, recent posts include medieval werewolves and falconry.


This blog is by a self-professed geek, who is interested in the earlier medieval period. Because I am interested in the later period, I do like reading people’s writing on the earlier one. It includes some good posts on medieval history, and some book reviews on medieval historical books.


I’m sorry, but this blog had to be put in. I love Elizabeth Chadwick’s medieval novels, so I also enjoy reading her blog. She writes about the research she is doing, which I like, because it gives me encouragement for mine! She also has some other medieval posts, which are a great read for brushing up on that period of time.


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  1. Thank you for the mention and link. As your focus is later, you may be interested in Kathleen Neal’s blog, In Thirteenth Century England.

    I wasn’t aware of yours until just now when I traced some hits back here. Looks good.


  2. rautakyy permalink

    Thank you for presenting my blog. Thank you very much also for the links to the other very interresting blogs. I must confess that I really enjoy reading your blog too.

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