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BBC’s The White Queen Episode Seven Review

July 29, 2013

We are on to episode seven of the White Queen, I believe that there are 10 episodes, so we are not far from the end now. This episode sees some new problems for Edward, Elizabeth and those at the court around them. I enjoyed this episode, it felt a bit more fast moving, more drama and less hanging around waiting for husbands to return.

This episode sees a few new arrivals, Elizabeth gives birth, Anne Neville has had a baby, as has Isabelle, unfortunately for Isabelle, her child is a girl, which of course is not the required gender for George. With Elizabeth’s mother dead, she is concerned for the birth, the first one she has had to endure since her mother’s death, and therefore the only one without her. The baby comes, but Margaret Beaufort is on hand to help when the baby doesn’t cry.

Because of the birth, Elizabeth now favours Margaret, and we can almost see a friendship forming, but of course, Margaret is doing this in order to help her son. We see Margaret almost spying for Elizabeth, while also telling her husband what she has overheard, and he has the ear of the king. Margaret even has a chance to pray with Elizabeth and at the end of the episode her hard work pays off.

Meanwhile, the York brothers are bickering amongst themselves. Edward goes to France, to invade, but Elizabeth persuades him to have peace and talk with the King of France instead of using violence. George is unhappy with this, he wanted to have more power than he does, and so he exacts revenge on Edward and Elizabeth, but both he and his wife pay the price for this. George is also unhappy that Richard married Anne, George wants his inheritance money and he wants more than half. We have to remember here that the Earl of Warwick, the Kingmaker, was an incredibly wealthy man, more so than even the king, and wealth can bring much power, as we have seen. To avoid having Anne’s inheritance being stolen, Richard brings her mother to Warwick Castle, something Anne is extremely unhappy about, but it is, we are led to believe, in her best interests.

Elizabeth is repeatedly accused of witchcraft in this episode, an accusation has been aimed at her mother before, who managed, somehow to escape with her life. Elizabeth, although the queen, is not completely protected, but luckily Edward is on her side. Understandably, neither Edward or Elizabeth were happy about these accusations, and at the end of the episode, Elizabeth’s views on it become clear.

As I have mentioned before, Elizabeth is again a bit whiney in this episode, she wants peace, she doesn’t want Edward to go to France, she wants revenge, she wants something done when she is not respected. At one point, Edward tells her she must rise above and do nothing. I was so glad for this. I feel that most medieval queen’s would have been fairly submissive to their husband’s, and in fact upper class medieval women would have been. Or maybe that is the impression we get when in actual fact they weren’t. Either way, I feel that Elizabeth can’t afford to annoy Edward, seeing as he is the only one who can protect her from any witchcraft accusation. In my opinion, she would be wise to take Edward’s advice.

So this episode has it all, war, which turns into peace, revenge, death and new life, with some scheming Yorkists and Lancastrians in-between. Worth a watch and a lot better than last week!

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